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The Israeli Academy of Emotional Social Learning

Studies have shown that when a school or other educational setting adopts a social-emotional learning program, the environment within the educational setting improves significantly. There is a decline in incidents of verbal and physical violence, greater collaboration, more connection between staff and students / participants, and a significant increase in the level of happiness among students and staff in the educational setting. Furthermore, there is an 11 percent improvement in the level of academic achievement.


Training courses for Teachers and Educational Professionals on the topic:

"Transforming School: From Achievement Factory to a Place for Psychological Empowerment"


Mission Statement: The purpose of school is to empower students’ mind and soul. The student’s basic psychological needs must be fulfilled: connection, self-efficacy, meaning, and enjoyment (the “Greenhouse” method).

Vision: Schools focus on psychologically empowering students as an essential goal. Learning methods and pedagogic skills are tools for empowering students.


  1. To develop the school’s awareness of experiences that satisfy students’ emotional and psychological needs.
  2. To develop the strengths of the educational staff in order to create a system that addresses the emotional and psychological needs of their students.
  3. To teach skills that allow educators to impart the material using methods that empower students' psychological abilities.


  1. Design a work environment that allows each team member to recognize his/her own strengths.
  2. Design a work environment that allows each team member to utilize his/her strengths.
  3. Design a learning environment that allows teaching and learning to serve as a therapeutic tool that strengthens the students psychologically.
  4. Design a learning environment that leads to improved achievement.


II. Hotline – MAGEN: A Voice from the Heart

We recently upgraded the “Heart of Our Ancestors” program, which has a new name "MAGEN: A Voice from the Heart".

The phone number for parents is: 0522944164

Calls to this phone number are answered by a psychologist / social worker.

The primary purpose of this hotline is to listen to the caller and evaluate the seriousness of the situation. In some cases, an immediate solution can be offered over the phone, while in other cases, referral is made for continued professional care.


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